Karen Izod

... an independent consultant, educator and writer since 1990.

I am concerned with the way individuals and working groups build and sustain connection with each other so as bring more effective and creative selves to their work. I seek out conversations and design interventions that explore the human and organisational challenges of the work-place within their social, political and business environments. This relational practice involves a continuing interplay between research, consultancy and educational practices to support change, and the awareness gained from experiential forms of learning and the arts.


Living close to the North Downs in Surrey, I live in a congested though gentle surburbia, with a love of wild places and city spaces.  Much of how I interact with this immediate environment finds its way into my work on place and identity, and in my writing as a practitioner, academic and poet.

Most of my professional life has involved me in working to create and promote conditions which can support professional judgement in challenging situations. Understanding group and organisational dynamics, and developing models and theories to make sense of experience and effect change is my continuing work and fascination.

I work independently in consultancy to organisational change and professional development through KIzod Consulting, a platform for collaborative enterprise with clients, and fellow consultants and researchers in the UK and internationally. Additionally I can be found in visiting professional and academic positions: Visiting Tutor in group and organisational processes, MSc. in Coaching and Behavioural Change at Henley Business School; Visiting Research Fellow at University of West of England in their psycho-social and therapeutic practice research stream; Professional Partner at the Tavistock Institute.

I come to this from an early background in the social sciences with an Advanced training in Social Work from the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, and a Master’s degree in Advanced Organisational Consultancy from the Tavistock Institute.  My doctorate from the University of West of England develops theory in the understanding of group and organisational processes from a relational systems-psychoanalytic perspective.

Poetry is an integral part of my practice in the linking that occurs between social science research and exploring ideas through poetry. I have published in a number of poetry magazines and journals, and read as featured poet and open-mic performer in London and the South East, where I am part of an active community of writers and performers.

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