Resource-ful Consulting: Working with your Presence and Identity in Consulting to Change

Karen Izod & Susan Rosina Whittle (2014)

Consultants and practitioners working with change can feel at a loss as to how to help their clients move forward. Organisations get stuck in routine ways even when they have innovations in mind. Consultants get stuck in familiar interventions which no longer prove stimulating or effective. Such challenges to practice can preoccupy and reinforce these stuck positions. 

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Mind-ful Consulting

Sue Whittle & Karen Izod (2009)

The publication of this book coincides with a increasing recognition that the challenges facing society and organisations are not amenable to “quick fixes”. The approaches to consultancy which underpin the cases presented here are particularly relevant in this new context. The contributors are graduates of AOC (The Tavistock Institute Masters Programme in Advanced Organisational Change and Consulting) and their associates; and the work they describe here is a testament to the quality of that programme and the learning that participants get from it.

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