Conference Poem

This Conference Poem is constructed from words and images generated by conference participants in presentations and discussions, while I was Poet-in-Residence at Association of Psycho-Social Studies conference. The ‘drop-in sessions’ focussed on creating word clouds to reflect what aspects of the conference captured peoples’ attention, and played with their order to create a poetry fragment.  These are incorporated into the poem … Read More

Poet-in-Residence at the APS conference

Poet-in-Residence – Association of Psycho-Social Studies, Conference 5-7th April 2018 Linking identities: exploring connections between social science and poetry During the conference I will be presenting ideas from my practice as a consultant to organisational change, and exploring how this interweaves with my emerging identity as a writer of poetry. Both these identities depend upon a heightened attentiveness to one’s … Read More

Theoretical background to relational practice

The term relational has prolific use and is frequently applied to describe practices which put people and relationships first. My own perspective on this derives from the concept of the Relational Turn, where it is used across a range of professional discourses: in sociology it emphasises the study of the social relationship itself, and from psychoanalysis an idea that this is an expanded theory of interaction.