Case examples – relational practice

These examples of consultancy practice illustrate some of the key elements of working from within a ‘relational terrain’ and how they help to effect change: Consulting to change An intervention to support the functioning of a complex new organizational structure, introduced the idea that all systems have aspects which are temporary and fragmented and capable of co-existing with other aspects … Read More

Theoretical background to relational practice

The term relational has prolific use and is frequently applied to describe practices which put people and relationships first. My own perspective on this derives from the concept of the Relational Turn, where it is used across a range of professional discourses: in sociology it emphasises the study of the social relationship itself, and from psychoanalysis an idea that this is an expanded theory of interaction. 

Here is Where I am

Here is Where I am –  Tavistock Institute 70th Anniversary Festival: a workshop to explore the question ‘where is Tavistock’? and drawing on some of the images generated by participants. 

Local Plan

North Downs

This poem is written in response to a local government consultation document, earmarking potential sites for housing development. It concerns the brown-field site of a former airfield at Wisley, Surrey. It has been published in Best of British, 2017 (Paper Swans Press) and as ‘settlement’ in The Keystone anthology 2015 (Dempsey and Windle). 

Still Here

This poem was long-listed in the Cookham Festival Stanley Spencer Competition 2017.  The long-listed poems are published in Stanley Spencer Poems: An Anthology, edited by Jane Draycott, Carolyn Leder and Peter Robinson (Two Rivers Press, 2017)  The poem both imagines what Spencer might be doing were he still to be an artist in the village today, along with images from … Read More

Too Close for Comfort: Attending to Boundaries in Associate Relationships

Izod, K. (2013) ‘Too Close for Comfort: Attending to Boundaries in Associate Relationships’. In: Changing Organisations from Within: Roles, Risks and Consultancy Relationships: Whittle, S. and Stevens, R., eds. Farnham: Gower pp. 145-163 Further details Back to Publications  

Mind-ful Consulting

Whittle, S. and Izod, K. (2009) Mind-ful Consulting, Karnac Books.  The publication of this book coincides with a increasing recognition that the challenges facing society and organisations are not amenable to “quick fixes”. The approaches to consultancy which underpin the cases presented here are particularly relevant in this new context. The contributors are graduates of AOC [The Tavistock Institute Masters Programme in … Read More

Resource-ful Consulting: Working with your Presence and Identity in Consulting to Change

Izod, K. and Whittle, S. (2014) Resource-ful Consulting: Working with your Presence and Identity in Consulting to Change, Karnac Books.  Consultants and practitioners working with change can feel at a loss as to how to help their clients move forward. Organisations get stuck in routine ways even when they have innovations in mind. Consultants get stuck in familiar interventions which no longer … Read More