Local Plan

North Downs

Local Plan is a poem written in response to a local government consultation document, earmarking potential sites for housing development. It concerns the brown-field site of a former airfield at Wisley, Surrey. It has been published in Best of British, 2017 (Paper Swans Press) and as ‘settlement’ in The Keystone anthology 2015 (Dempsey and Windle).

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Local Plan

There is talk of building a settlement
out on the old airstrip, that brown-field
not much used since the war.

As if we hadn’t yet accumulated
garden suburb, new town, city sprawl,
nor let the high-rise fracture these horizons –

but had time, still, to dwell, to abide,
seek out the hamlet that lingers
after the clearances for motorways,

third runways, and out-of-town.
We are making space for those yet to come,
who if they came, would not recognise this place –

only a certain restlessness in the drone
from the by-pass, and an agitating presence
of geese on Boulder Mere.


© Karen Izod, 2018

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