What’s in a name? experiences of transition and identity

We have come down from the village of Agios Germanos towards the border with the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). This is a land of ancient orchards, vines, almonds, walnuts, above cultivated belts of the huge Prespa bean which dominate the region’s agriculture. Below us on the shoreline of Lake Prespa lies an area of dense vegetation. It is … Read More

Identity and Place

The insights afforded by questioning ‘who I am?’ and ‘who I am here?’ bring attention to the contexts of time and place that are essential considerations in my work in situations of change.  What is capturing my attention now, and what is it relating to? Identity Recognising who I am, at any one time, how I reveal different parts of … Read More

Here is Where I am

Here is Where I am –  Tavistock Institute 70th Anniversary Festival: a workshop to explore the question ‘where is Tavistock’? and drawing on some of the images generated by participants. 

Still Here

This poem was long-listed in the Cookham Festival Stanley Spencer Competition 2017.  The long-listed poems are published in Stanley Spencer Poems: An Anthology, edited by Jane Draycott, Carolyn Leder and Peter Robinson (Two Rivers Press, 2017)  The poem both imagines what Spencer might be doing were he still to be an artist in the village today, along with images from … Read More

Too Close for Comfort: Attending to Boundaries in Associate Relationships

Izod, K. (2013) ‘Too Close for Comfort: Attending to Boundaries in Associate Relationships’. In: Changing Organisations from Within: Roles, Risks and Consultancy Relationships: Whittle, S. and Stevens, R., eds. Farnham: Gower pp. 145-163 Further details Back to Publications